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Product Name: Stock Lace Front Human Hair Wigs-Wave scl03
Price: $209.99
Sale Price: $188.89
Product Details:
Hair Type:100% Indian Remy Human Hair
Hair Density:Medium
Hairline:Natural Hairline
Baby Hair:Along the perimeter to give the effect of a naturally growing hairline
Lace Type:100% high quality swiss lace
Cap Construction:cap-1. Full Lace Cap with Stretch in Crown
Double Knots:Makes more durable and ensures the hair stays in place
Bleached Knots:Along the perimeter to make the hairline even more undetectable

note:#1 & #1B color hair knots can not be bleached
Model: SWLFW-03

How to take good care for human hair wigs

Keep human hair wigs clean, but don’t wash it frequently, unless it needs. Here are the steps of washing a human hair wig.

1. Keep your own hair and scalp clean
2. First, use a pick or a wide tooth comb to remove all the tangles from the wig. How to do?
Straight hair wig – Use a wide tooth comb, vent brush or wig pick to remove tangles from hair before washing your wig.

Curly and wavy hair wig – Use a vent brush or wide pick comb to remove tangles.

Tips: Don’t use a standard hair brush on your wig that because brushes could create quite a bit of tension and frizz. It is better not to use them at all.

Use a large bowl or sink basin to wash your wig in. You can use whatever large enough, and you feel comfortable with to accommodate your wig. Fill it with lukewarm water and combine with one cap full of wig shampoo. The shampoo for chemically treated hair will work best. Try to find one that is fortified with vitamins and has other ingredients that are good for human hair such as silicon.

Wash your wig could help you to eliminate the everyday environmental odors such as cooking odors, smoking odors and the container which holds your wig. Mix the shampoo and water well, then gently whish in the water anywhere from 30 seconds until about 2 minutes, basically until the wig is completely saturated. Scrub the front of the lace cap (where it meets your forehead) gently until it is clean. A soft toothbrush could be used to achieve this. You can remove the makeup stains and perspiration stains what sometimes appear on the front of your wig cap by combining a paste of baking soda and wig shampoo. Let the wisoak in the sink from about five to fifteen mines, no longer than twenty mines.

Tips: Use cool water on curly wigs, as warm water will over-relax the curls of wigs, and it will loose easily.

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