Tips For Preventing The Lace Wig From Tangling

1. If you want to have a long term care, check this wig guide. Get a wide wire toothed comb. Sure you should comb out the tangles before you wash it. In sometimes, the wig is really bad, you should use a spray detangler.

2. You should treat your lace wigs like your little cat, for they are same comfortable. Just take one section at a time and carefully use the clips to get the rest of the hair out of the way.

3. Comb goes within your main hand; other hand holds the wig fibers flat to the table. For all those that should choose it as an ideal offer as look at out a knot, preserve the fibers in between your thumb and forefinger.

4. When you comb, don't pull. You should all do it with your fingers. You should be able to. Sometimes you could be separating out a stand or two at a time.

5. In addition, you can also use a pin to separate the hair first to save good lace front wigs from the back tangle.

6. Once you possess the bottom inch combed, proceed up and comb out the following inch so now you're combing two inches. What you do next time is like taking care of any part of the costume. Consider combing it out quickly after placing on like washing the glue away your ears.